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ARIS Books the new wave of publishing that puts the author first and foremost. We are a general genre publisher carefully curating a catalogue of books written by authors who are new and fresh and exciting -- and who want to see their books taken around the world. Please submit your manuscript to us for a free and confidential evaluation. We look forward to you joining the ARIS Books family as a published author . . .

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You have a book. You've written it once. Then again. And yet again. You let some of your friends read it. (Maybe.) And now it's time for it to be brought into the world. Because you have thoughts and experiences to share -- and a dream to attain. You know that people are going to love your book -- and now it's time for you to grab that chance to become that most coveted of person: a published author. You will do that -- and more! -- with ARIS Books . . .

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About ARIS Books

ARIS Books is an imprint of Kallisti Publishing Inc., one of the world's finest publishers of personal development and inspirational books. While working with many highly regarded and esteemed thought leaders and writers, it became obvious that there was a hole is the field for those writers and authors who have a great book yet don't have all the elements in place that an author needs in this new playing field. So, ARIS Books was designed to serve those writers who have something significant to share and who have a future they want to build. ARIS Books will be your publisher to take you from the typewriter to the international market. Best of all: you do not need a literary agent to submit your manuscript.

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Here's What We're Looking for . . .

Are you a speaker? Trainer? Salesman? And you wrote the book that can lead your field? Let's talk, like, NOW!
Did you write the great American novel? Or how about a super-sleuth tale? Maybe the newest Harry Potter? Send it our way!
Did you write about yourself? Or about someone else? Let's see what you've got about whomever you've written!
Young Adult (YA)
This is a huge market for books and readers and we are very interested to see what you've written.
Poetry and Screenplays
We'd love to publish as many poets as we can. Likewise with auteurs. With the people we know, there's a good chance it could go far.
Anything Else?
Send us whatever you're thinking. We will give you our honest appraisal and do our best to make your book a reality.
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Nothing stinks like a pile of unpublished writing.

- Sylvia Plath

Why Choose Us

Over 20 Years of Experience
We've been in the book business for a long time. And we plan on being in it even longer.
Team Of Experts
Our team of editors and designers will make your book market-ready and ready to sell. And we'll be with you throughout the entire journey.
It's one thing to have a book. It's a whole other thing to have a place to sell it. We know those places. And that's where your book will be!

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