Machine Learnings: Science Fiction, Science Fact, and Landscapes in Between

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Author Robert W. Bly | ISBN 978-1-7359792-8-1 | Pages 176 | Release Date January 8, 2024

From Futuristic Visions to Unexplored Landscapes, “Machine Learnings” by Robert W. Bly Transcends Boundaries with a Tripartite Odyssey into Strange Realms.


From the offbeat imagination of one of America’s most prolific writers comes a selection of tales true, false, and in that dream state in-between, including . . .

  • Happy Anniversary, Uncle Roswell. An alien who crash lands in Roswell survives. But will he live to regret it?
  • The Devil and Daniel Wexler. The devil offers Daniel a choice between keeping his own miseries-or trading them in for the woes of everyone else in the world.
  • The Lampreys of Innsmouth. A famous man’s desperate gambit to avoid a horrific metamorphosis that his genes threaten to trigger.
  • What Does Not Break Us. A doctor fears losing in a major malpractice case against him. But the consequences and danger go way beyond money and legal liability.
  • Deadman. For Halpern, a CPA with a gambling addiction, being murdered was merely the beginning of his trial by purple fire.

In the first section, “Science Fiction,” Bly invites you to explore futuristic worlds where technology reigns supreme and the boundaries of possibility are pushed to their limits. Encounter sentient machines, some not-so-sensate people, and mind-bending concepts that will challenge your understanding of our world — and our place in it.

Transitioning seamlessly into the realm of “Science Fact,” this anthology delves into the intriguing intersection of reality and speculative ideas. In the style of esteemed writers such as Isaac Asimov, Bly, known for his keen insights, offers thought-provoking snippets and explorations of scientific concepts that blur the line between the known and the imagined.

But it’s in the enigmatic “Landscapes in Between” where Bly truly showcases his mastery. Here, he unveils fragments of stories — tantalizing glimpses into worlds yet to be fully realized. These snippets and story ideas serve as seeds of inspiration, beckoning readers to cultivate their own imaginative landscapes and complete the narratives in their minds.

Machine Learnings is an anthology unlike any other, a treasure trove of weird and strange tales that transport you across boundaries and challenge your perceptions. Whether you’re a devoted fan of speculative fiction, a science enthusiast, or an explorer of the uncanny, this collection promises to enthrall, entertain, and expand the horizons of your mind. Join Robert W. Bly on an odyssey through the realms of possibility and let your imagination soar.

In this new collection, you can embark on a fascinating and fantastic journey of adventure through worlds of science fiction, science, and extraordinary landscapes. Machine Learning takes you into the weird and wonderful, with a mosaic of narratives that defy convention as much as they spark the imagination.

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1 review for Machine Learnings: Science Fiction, Science Fact, and Landscapes in Between

  1. editor_ARIS (store manager)

    Reminiscent of the “strange tales” of the Golden Age of sci-fi
    There was a time, not too long ago, when authors weren’t just authors, they were WRITERS. They sat at their typewriters and just churned out words and wrote stories and articles. And they were all at the very least good — with many moments of excellence, if not magnificence. Writers like Asimov and Bradbury and Hamilton. Writer with bibliographies so large, it would take years to read all their works.

    Robert W. Bly is among those writers — and his anthology, “Machine Learnings,” is an example of those books. Mr. Bly has written more than a hundred books and the strength of all that “practice” is on display in this collection of weird and wonderful and even factual tales of both science fiction and science fact.

    If you’re like me and loved those “weird tales” magazines and comic books, then you’re going to love this book. If you’re new to these types of short stories, then you’re in for a treat, believe me!

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