Becker, Stefan

Becker, Stefan

Already in childhood Stefan had an inner knowing about realms beyond the one we live in and which we are supposed to believe in. He was aware that you can manifest and unmanifest realities simply by using your focused mind. As an adolescent, he was aware that it does not make sense to enter a professional life where you would be repeating the same tasks for decades to come without ever being done. He knew that a task once done would be done for good.

Life as we understand it caught up with him anyhow and until 1995, Stefan more or less struggled through the daily chores of life without finding any form of meaning or fulfillment in what he did. 1995 he was shaken up by a special dream, and he met his future wife.

He eventually began to recall more and more nightly dreams which led to a 3-year long training in dream analysis. His dreams spoke about his purpose in life, about what needed to be done in the coming decades to transform this earthly realm into a light filled divine sphere that would make it possible to reconnect with the source of all creation.

The dream training was followed and complemented with trainings in geomancy, Reiki, meditation, and personal and spiritual empowerment. 

In 1999, Stefan and his wife followed their inner urging and immigrated to British Columbia, Canada and moved to a small community in the Kootenays, giving up their well-paid occupations in Germany. There they encountered Yasodhara Ashram, founded by Swami Radha. Numerous coincidences led them there and into attending a 3-month Yoga training program.

Upon its completion, Stefan had even more difficulties to relate to society and the ways of life led by humanity. After returning to Germany in October 2000, he and his wife went back to Canada 2 years later. There, their financial resources dwindled towards zero and they had to take on entry level occupations to make a simple life possible.

Through dreams, friends, and books Stefan was guided to information that would enable an ever-increasing understanding of the influences that have created and manipulated the world as we know it. It also became obvious that from 1999 onwards, the whole universe underwent energetical changes that would open up potentialities to develop back into an enlightened consciousness and out of the low vibrating world we were born into. Stefan encountered the work of Carl Johan Calleman regarding the Mayan Calendar and how the calendar concept of the Maya explains all of creation, where it originates, how it develops, and how it is transcending back into the divine unity of the All-Oneness.

Further investigation into these developments through the study of the Gnosis and other wisdom schools broadened his understanding of the transition humanity is going through. 

After the historical completion of the Mayan Calendar in 2011/2012, Stefan and his wife moved back to Germany, having been disillusioned by the way the world continued its dysfunctional ways beyond the end of the Mayan Calendar. They struggled their way back into regular employments and built yet again a new home for them.

Throughout the years, more information regarding the outer interferences and the meddling with human affairs through alien beings became available to the author and broadened his understanding of the manipulation that took place to lead humanity away from an Awakening that was supposed to happen, for example through the 9/11 event and all that was later justified to limit our freedom because of this.

When in 2020 the Corona narrative inflicted ever more limitations on previous freedoms and forced ever more drastic measures upon everyone in Germany, Stefan and his wife decided in 2021 spontaneously to step out of their lives once again and to move to Paraguay in South America. They found a place that provided them with freedom from all the Corona measures and met people who were able to see through the purposes of the C-agenda as well.

An inner urging forced Stefan and his wife onward to Mexico in early 2022 where they finally were able to visit the great pyramid in Chichen Itza, which in its structure resembles symbolically the Mayan Calendar and its waves of creation as detailed by Carl Calleman. During a regression using the QHHT technique developed by Dolores Cannon, Stefan received the task to write a book about his life path and his insights and realizations.

Limited financial resources forced Stefan and his wife to move back to Paraguay where in May 2022 he began to write his first book ‘Awakening – Unravelling the deception hidden in our reality and the way back home’. 

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