Stephen King and the Hidden Messages

Have you ever wondered why some of Stephen King’s novels are of such epic proportions? There might be many reasons and, of course, only the author himself will know the reason why.

Still, when considering the ways of the world in these days, I wonder whether he has deliberately embedded some meaningful messages for the reader, deeply hidden within the many pages of his books.

Here are a couple of examples so you might get a better understanding of what I am talking about.


First, let’s look at The Stand, published in 1978. I have recently worked my way through the extended edition from 1990. Somewhere deep within the book there is a dialogue involving the adversary of a group of survivors of a deadly flu (which was artificially created by a secret US agency and escaped the underground biolab).

The adversary, representing the dark forces and interested only in establishing a reign of terror and violence, is reflecting about the formation of a new community by the surviving ‘good people’. He says that he is not concerned about their rebuilding of civilization because they are rebuilding society according to the same blueprint that society had been built upon prior to the cataclysm. As this prior civilization (i.e., the one we are living in right now) has been created according to a design given to humanity by the adversary’s dark masters, the new society will just as soon fall back into the shadows of the previous blueprint.

This is an interesting thought, isn’t it?


Second, let us have a quick look at Insomnia, published 1994. The main character here is Ralph, a regular guy who has achieved a heightened form of awareness, allowing him to see the subtle realms of being, e.g., the auras of people. One day, Ralph observes from his living room window a group of kids after school that start to squabble. Ralph, seeing the powerful streams of energy emerging from the kids, ponders that this power might be strong enough to create whole universes.

These statements by Stephen King made me wonder what is going on here on earth. Is the way of our western “democracies” really the best there is?

Who devised this kind of society?

Who defined its foundations?

And is it really in our best interest to hand over our voice (vote) to someone else who then is entitled to make all relevant decisions on our behalf?

And what about those agencies you cannot even vote for, like the WHO, WEF, and so on?

What about the enormous universal power of creating that we no longer have at our disposal?

Who is actually using that power on our behalf and without our consent, and how did it come to this?

And more importantly: how can we get this power back?


If you are interested in finding answers to these questions, you may want to read my book. In it, I provide a spiritual and practical road map of where we came from, why we are here, and what shall be our next step.

I look forward to meeting you there.